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Lucchini Piombino

Lucchini Piombino is the Italian market leader for value-added long steel products. As a leading supplier of steel to the Italian rail market, Lucchini Piombino is the second largest steel producer in Italy. Main production facilities comprise of plants in Piombino, Trieste, Bari, Condove and Lecco (all in Italy).

General information

Piombino plant is strategically located with easy access to sea, rail and road transportation. Lucchini Piombino business unit is headquartered in Brescia, Italy.

Lucchini joined the OAO Severstal in April 2005.

OAO Severstal holds 49,2% shares in Lucchini SpA since June 30th, 2010.

  • Piombino site extends over an area of about 10 million square metres and includes a port facility with a dock for vessels of up to 80,000 tonnes.

  • 1 coke plant with 1 battery with 45 ovens

  • 1 blast furnace

  • Steelworks with three LD/LBE converters

  • 4 ladle steelmaking furnaces

  • 2 vacuum degassers

  • 4 continuous casting plants, one of which is dedicated to the production of slabs


Indicative annual capacity

  • Lucchini Piombino overall production capacity: 2.5 million tonnes of crude steel
  • 1.8 million tonnes of long products per year
  • The Trieste plant has capacity of 800,000 tonnes per year

Lucchini Piombino produces long speciality steel products, including rails, round bars, blooms, billets and is a leading Italian producer of high-quality wire rod, including drawing wire rod, cold heading steel and welding steel.


Who buys products

Customers include Italian and international railways, general contractors, automotive industry, forgers and mechanical manufacturing, welding wire producers.

Using of products

Used for a variety of applications, including automotive, mechanical and manufacturing industries, construction.

Other key information

Lucchini is one of the few qualified European railmakers that can produce 108 metre long high-quality unwelded rails for high speed and conventional track and a wide range of products for railway infrastructure.


Lucchini S.p.A.
Via Oberdan, 1/A,
Italy, 25128
Phone: +39 030 39921
Fax: +39 030 3992399
Web site:

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