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Severstal Columbus

Severstal Columbus is a groundbreaking, high-tech facility that covers more than one million square feet on a 1,400 acre site. The plant features compact strip production (CSP) technology merged with integrated finishing mill equipment to offer cost-effective, high quality steel solutions in a wide range of grades.

General information

Severstal Columbus is located in Mississippi’s “Golden Triangle”, close to major North American automotive customers and the expanding Southern manufacturing region of the United States. The plant’s unparalleled access to rail, truck and water routes offers economical delivery throughout the region, Mexico and the world.

Severstal Columbus, was established in 2005. Production started in 2007.

Greenfield project.

Wholly owned subsidiary of OAO Severstal.

  • 2 DC electric arc furnace

  • 2 Ladle metallurgy furnace

  • Vacuum tank degasser

  • 1 76 in. thin slab CSP caster and hot mill

  • 1 pickler with coupled tandem cold mill

  • 21 hydrogen annealing bases

  • 1 temper mill

  • 2 hot dip galvanize lines

  • 2 casters

  • 1 tunnel furnace

  • 1 push pull pickle line


Indicative annual capacity

  • Cold rolled sheet – 1.35 million metric tons
  • Galvanized and galvannealed - 1 million metric tons
  • Total capacity - 3.1 million metric tons hot rolled

Severstal Columbus produces high quality flat-rolled products, including hot rolled bands, hot rolled processed sheet, cold rolled full hard and cold rolled fully processed sheet, hot dipped galvanized and galvannealed sheet steels.

Hot Rolled Products

From our hot roll mill, Severstal Columbus produces bands of steel ranging from .054 in. to .550 in. (1.372 mm through 13.97 mm) in thickness of 36 in. to 76 in. Mill Edge (914 mm through 1,930 mm) in width. Specific quantities are designated for direct sale and downstream processing by way of a continuous pickle line capable of processing bands as light as .054 in. and as wide as 74 in. Mill Edge (1,880 mm).

Cold Rolled Products

Employing one of the few cold roll mills in the U.S. coupled to a pickle line, Severstal Columbus is capable of manufacturing coils from .0125 in. through .0750 in. (.318 mm through 1.905 mm) in thickness and up to 72 in. wide. Designed to produce steels for appliance, automotive, and other surface-critical applications, the five-stand tandem mill has roll bending, closed loop gauge and shape control double-coiling stations as well as in-line inspection capabilities.

Coated Steel Products

The advanced coating line at Severstal Columbus features a strip cleaning system with an electrolytic cleaning section, sophisticated radiant tube annealing furnace, galvanizing pot and post-treatment section for chromating. Coated products are available in thicknesses ranging from .014 in. through .059 in. (.355 mm through 1.5 mm) and in widths ranging from 36 in. to 72 in. (914 mm to 1,829 mm).

Who buys products

Severstal Columbus serves the needs of automotive industry, agriculture, appliance, building and construction products, electrical and energy, furniture, HVAC, lighting, machinery and rack manufacturers, plus a variety of pipe and tube, and service center companies.

Other key information

  • The plant’s opening in 2005 marked the first new U.S. steel mill in the United States in over a decade
  • In November 2011 launch of Phase II, which doubled the plant’s capacity  
  • 19 Southern automaker assembly plants are located within 450 miles
  • Hundreds of acres on mega site set aside for downstream processing and service partners
  • Named as a “Best Place to Work in Mississippi” for 2009
  • Received Steel Manufacturing Association award for no lost work accidents in 2009


1945 Airport Road,
Mississippi, Columbus,
USA, 39701
Phone: +1 662 245 4200, +1 866 369 3047
Web site:

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