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Severstal Dearborn

the plant produces high quality flat-rolled carbon steel products – hot rolled, cold rolled, galvanized and  galvannuealed sheet, and electrogalvanized sheet.

General information

Dearborn, Michigan, strategically close to major North American automotive customers. Dearborn is also home to Severstal North America’s Headquarters.

An integral part of Henry Ford’s River Rouge automobile complex, Severstal Dearborn (formerly the Rouge Steel Company) had been in the steel manufacturing business since the early 1920s, first as a division of Ford and later as a subsidiary of Ford.

January 30, 2004

Wholly owned subsidiary of OAO Severstal.

  • 1 blast furnace

  • 2 basic oxygen furnaces

  • 2 ladle metallurgy furnaces

  • 1 RH degasser

  • 2 slab casters

  • 1 hot strip mill

  • 1 coupled pickle line tandem cold mill

  • 1 continuous pickle line

  • 2 batch annealing shops

  • 1 temper mill

  • 2 hot dipped galvanizing lines

  • 1 electrolytic galvanizing line (zinc and alloy)


Indicative annual capacity

  • Hot rolled sheet – 3.24 million metric tones (2012 )
  • Cold rolled sheet – 1.9 million metric tones (2012)
  • Galvanized and galvannealed sheet – 1 million metric tones (2012) and 312 300 metric tones of electrogalvanized sheet.

Severstal Dearborn produces high quality flat-rolled products, including hot rolled band and hot rolled processed sheet, cold rolled sheet, hot dipped galvanized sheet, electro galvanized sheet, and aluminum coated boron and other advanced steels.

Hot Rolled Products

Severstal Dearborn’s 68 in. hot strip mill has an annual throughput of 3.8 million tons (3.5 million metric tons). The hot strip mill can roll to a minimum gauge of .050 in. through .525 in. (1.27 mm through 13.30 mm) in widths from 30 in. to 61 in. (762 mm to 1,549 mm). The recently modernized slab reheat furnaces optimize Severstal Dearborn’s heating efficiency and quality, reduce natural gas consumption and increase yield.

Cold Rolled Products

The Severstal Dearborn's cold mill produces 1.8 million tons (1.6 million metric tons) of steel in thicknesses from 0.014 in. through 0.110 in. (0.36 mm through 2.79 mm) with widths form 28 in. to 61 in. (711 mm to 1,549 mm). A cornerstone of Severstal Dearborn’s modernization will be the most sophisticated pickle tandem cold mill (PLTCM) in the world. The PLTCM will roll to a minimum gauge of 0.012 in. (0.30 mm) and final width of up to 72 in. (1,850 mm) with product flatness requirements of less than 15 I-units.

Coated Products

Severstal Dearborn’s coating capabilities include one of the largest electrogalvanizing lines and state-of-the-art hot-dipped galvanizing capabilities. Also part of the Dearborn modernization will be a new hot dipped galvanizing Line which will include state-of-the-art controls for coating thickness and surface texture as well as alloy and phase control. The line will be capable of producing 496,000 tons (450,000 metric tons) of best-in-class exposed hot dipped galvanized (HDGI) and exposed hot dipped galvanneal (HDGA) steel. These capabilities are, and will be used to produce demanding steels such as high-end automotive products, dual-phase, TRIP (Transformation-Induced Plasticity) and high reduction interstitial-free steels for customers in the automotive, appliance, and furniture industries.

Who buys products

Severstal Dearborn’s markets include automotive, pipe and tubing, strip re-rollers and galvanizers, service centers, construction, appliance and furniture.

Other key information

The “C” Blast Furnace, rebuilt in 2007, utilizes state-of-the-art technologies making it among the most efficient, productive and environmentally friendly blast furnaces in the world;

A $740-million modernization program  was completed in 2011, which includes constructing a pickle line tandem cold mill (PLTCM) complex and hot-dip Galvanizing line (HDGL);

TS 16949, ISO 9000  certified;

Ownership interest in Double Eagle Steel Coating Company, a joint venture with United States Steel Corporation located in Dearborn, Michigan, is the world's largest electro galvanizing line, producing premium-quality galvanized sheet steel primarily for automotive customers

Ownership interest in Spartan Steel Coating, LLC, a joint venture with Worthington Steel of Michigan located in Monroe, Michigan, produces hot-dip galvanized sheet steel primarily for automotive and service center customers


Severstal Dearborn
14661 Rotunda Drive, P.O. Box 1699,
Michigan, Dearborn,
USA, 48120-1699
Phone: +1 800 532 8857
Web site:

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