Severstal Warren

General information

Warren, Ohio, the historical center of U.S. steelmaking,

Severstal Warren’s steelmaking heritage dates back to 1912, when the Trumbull Steel Company first began making steel on the site where Severstal Warren now stands.

July 7, 2008

Wholly owned subsidiary of OAO Severstal

  • 1 blast furnace

  • 1 basic oxygen furnace (BOF)

  • 1 caster

  • 1 hot strip mill

  • 1 cold mill

  • 1 coating line


Indicative annual capacity

  • Hot Rolled sheet – 1.0 million tonnes (2008)
  • Galvanized Sheet – 0.4 million tonnes (2008)

Severstal Warren has the capability to produce the broadest range of steel grades of any steel producer in the United States. Severstal Warren recently completed the installation of a walking beam slab reheat furnace at our hot strip mill that has improved quality, reduced operating costs and increased production of custom steel products.

Severstal Warren offers approximately 185 grades of high-quality steel used by strip converters, processors, service centers, construction products companies and, to a lesser extent, the automotive industry. End uses for Severstal Warren steel include side door intrusion beams, garden tools, golf club shafts, aircraft parts and culvert for the construction industry.

Hot Rolled Products

Severstal Warren’s 56 in. hot strip mill has an annual capacity of 1.5 million tons (1.4 million metric tonnes). The hot strip mill can roll to a minimum gauge of 0.057 in. through 0.685 in. (1.45 mm through 17.40 mm) in widths from 18.0 in. to 49.25 in. (457 mm to 1250 mm). Warren’s investment in a new walking beam furnace continues to enhance quality, heating efficiency, reduced gas consumption and yield.

Coated Products

Severstal Warren’s galvanize line is a Cook-Norteman type of flux line that includes a Westinghouse electrical system and a galvanizing pot with six inductors. A complete pot change with new inductors was completed January 2009. The line is capable of producing .400 million tons per year. (.363 million metric tonnes). Coating weights range from G01 through G400, sheared widths range from 25.50 in. (19 in. mill edge) through 48.50 in. (49.5 in. mill edge) and ordered gauges from .057 in. through .132 in.

Who buys products

Severstal Warren’s markets include strip converters, processors, service centers, construction products companies and, to a lesser extent, the automotive industry.

Other key information

  • Focused on high-quality, custom flat-rolled steel for use in demanding applications

  • Reputation for industry leading customer service and satisfaction

  • Flexible production assets and metallurgical expertise

  • Proximity to key markets

  • ISO 9001 Certified


Severstal Warren, Inc. 999 Pine St SE,
Ohio, Warren,
USA, 44483
Phone: +1 330 841 8000; 330 841 8218
Web site:

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