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Career in Severstal

The company's progress and development are closely linked to progress of our employees.

We seek people who are focused on solving complex non-standard tasks and are capable to manage changes and achieve results. We appreciate such merits as mobility, ability to learn, commitment to professional development and results orientation.

From the very first working day of a new employee, the Company shapes a framework for career advancement; an individual development plan is prepared after the probationary appointment and, if required, a refresher course is carried out.

We have arranged adaptation, training and development processes into a multistage system covering all divisions and personnel levels.

Annual evaluation is aimed at identifying leaders who are highly capable of career advancement. The Company's best employees participate in large-scale projects at Russian and foreign enterprises. Therefore, they can realize their potential in cross-functional working teams. Our Company provides extensive opportunities for unique work experience and career building.

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Sales contacts

Severstal Resources

T: +7 (495) 981 0910

F: +7 (495) 981 0918


Severstal Russian Steel

T: +7 (8202) 53 0900

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Severstal International

IR contacts

Vladimir Zaluzhsky
Head of Investor Relations
T/f: +7 (495) 926 7766/67 ext.6375

PR contacts

Elena Kovaleva
Head of Communications
T/f: +7 (495) 926 7766/67 ext.6447

HR contacts

Natalia Bachinskaya
HR Department Manager
T: +7 (495) 926 7761

CSR contacts

Natalia Poppel
Head of Corporate Social Responsibility
T/f: +7 (495) 926 7766 ext.6449

Corporate Secretary

Artem Bobulich
Corporate Secretary of OAO Severstal
Phone: +7 (8202) 53 0900
Fax: +7 (8202) 53 2159