Corporate Event Notice “Information about the resolutions taken by the Company’s Board of directors”

1. General information


1.1. Full business name of the Issuer

Joint Stock Company “Severstal”

1.2. Abbreviated business name of the Issuer

OAO Severstal

1.3. Legal address of the Issuer

162608, the Russian Federation, Vologda region, Cherepovets, Mira Street 30

1.4. PRSN (Principal State Registration Number) of the Issuer


1.5. TIN (Taxpayer Identification Number) of the Issuer


1.6. Unique code of the Issuer assigned by the registration authority


1.7. Issuer’s website for information disclosure



2. Notice content

The resolutions taken by the Board of directors of OAO Severstal:

I. To approve the interested party transactions. Board of directors of OAO Severstal has resolved that the information on the terms of transactions and the persons representing the Parties, beneficiaries of these transactions shall not be disclosed and submitted before their completion.


II. According to the article 77 of the Federal Law “On Joint Stock Companies” № 208 – FL dated December 26, 1995 (as amended), to determine that the price of disposed or acquired property (services) under abovementioned interested party transactions with estimated cash value is deemed to be a market value.


Date of the Board meeting, at which such a resolution has been approved by the joint-stock company: March 21, 2012.


Date of the Board meeting’s Minutes of the joint-stock company, at which such a resolution has been approved: 26.03.2012, Minutes № 9-2012.

3. Signature


3.1. Corporate Secretary of OAO Severstal

acting on the basis of the Power of attorney

№ сст-20-9/1742 dated 29.07.2010                                         О.Y. Tsvetkov


3.2. Date: March 26, 2012