31 October 2010

Working For The Future

In October, the Higher School of Economics University held a workshop entitled "Challenges posed by globalisation in the Mineral Resources Industry". Employees of Severstal participated in the event to give their expert opinions and guidance on the subject.

A case study entitled "Rio Tinto’s Development Trends in the Context of Chinese Domination of the Global Iron Ore Raw Materials Market" was used as a focus for discussion during the event. Krill Kozenyazhev, Vadim Akopov, Anna Butova, members of Severstal Resources management team, and Alexander Pustov, an analyst from Severstal's Strategic Marketing Department, analysed the various solutions to the aforementioned case study proposed by the participants.

The workshop, which  was jointly organised by Severstal and the students at the Higher School of Economics University, engaged over 100 students from Moscow's leading higher educational establishments. Kirill Kozenyazhev, a senior manager in Severstal Resources’ Strategic Development, gave a presentation to the audience before the projects were presented for discussion. Kirill presented on the major trends in the global raw materials market and described the outlook for Severstal's raw materials division.

The entrants were reduced to a shortlist of five finalists, representing the Higher School of Economics, the Russian School of Economics, Moscow Physics and Technology Institute and the Plekhanov Russian University of Economics. Each of the finalists were given the opportunity to present their solutions to the case study to the audience and experts.

In the face of the challenges set out by the case study the students demonstrated great knowledge and presented interesting, logical solutions to the case study, following which they received constructive and interesting feedback from the experts.

At the end of the workshop, the participants mingled with the workshop's guests to ask questions about Severstal and learn about the Company's career opportunities.

Workshops such as these are invaluable to Severstal as they demonstrate Severstal’s credentials a leading employer, help to identify the most talented and promising students looking to pursue a career with our company, and then invite those students to take trainee jobs at Severstal in the future. More events like these will be held for students of Moscow's leading higher educational establishments in the future.