Severstal Distribution

The Distribution Network is created in order to enhance the management of the Severstal Russian Steel Division’s retail assets and to unite the efforts of five companies in the regional markets. Development of the Distribution Network is an integral part of the division’s marketing policy and allows Severstal customers to use unique service possibilities provided by the company.


Distribution Network of Severstal Russian Steel division includes companies located in five countries: Latvia, Poland, Republic of Belarus, Ukraine, Russia. The key markets of the Distribution Network include 15 countries of European Union and CIS region. An aim of the Distribution Network is to provide customers with steel products and the most advantageous related service.


As part of the Distribution Network of the Russian Steel division development program, all its five companies (including AS Severstallat) in 2015 have been renamed into “Severstal Distribution”. The reason is that the companies work under single standards at the CIS and EU markets, and the new name implies the function of the companies and their belonging to common distribution network.

General information


Indicative annual output:
<p>In 2014 Severstal Distribution Group (distribution network of the Severstal Russian Steel Division) maintained its revenue at 2013 level, increased EBITDA to $ 37 million and increased operating cash flow to $ 47 million in 2015.</p> <p>A 6% increase in sales volume (versus 2013 level) allowed retaining revenue at the level of $ 819 million.</p>