Izhora Pipe Mill

The plant specializes in manufacturing large diameter pipes from strip made by Cherepovets Steel Mill. Header pipes of large diameter are used primarily for major pipeline construction projects aimed at implementation of energy strategy of Russia.

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General information

Izhora Plants Industrial Zone, Kolpino, St. Petersburg, Russia


Subsidiary of PAO Severstal

Other key information

The plant's competitive advantage is an assortment unique for Russian domestic pipe industry, pipes up to 18.3 m long which allows faster construction of pipelines, including lesser number of welded joints for lower costs and higher reliability and performance.

Post address

Izhora Plants Industrial Zone, 90, D, Kolpino,
Saint Petersburg, Колпино,
Russia, 196655

Phone: +7 (812) 336-94-21
Fax: +7 (812) 461-98-07

Web site: itz.severstal.com