Cherepovets Steel Mill

Cherepovets Integrated Iron & Steel Mill, the major steel asset of the Division, was founded in 1955. The Iron & Steel Mill is an integrated steelworks of full production cycle integrating more than 100 major process units, from iron ores and coals processing to finishing operations where high-value products are produced. The major part of steel manufactured at Iron & Steel Mill in Cherepovets is used at the next stages to produce flat and long rolled products, including hot and cold-rolled sheets, plates, coils (bands), hot-rolled sections, cold-stamped shaped steel and pipes.


Geographically, the location of Cherepovets is exceptionally favorable.  The city is situated at the crossroads of three economic regions - European North, North-West and Central Russia.  Saint Petersburg-Yekaterinburg railway and Volga-Baltic waterway form a major transport junction here.


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General information

Cherepovets, Vologda region, Russia


PAO Severstal


Coke batteries Sintering machines Blast and steel making furnaces Steel melting and rolling units Hot treatment and galvanising lines Pipe manufacturing machinery Continuous casting machines


Indicative annual output:
<p>Crude steel: 10.7 mln. tons (2013)<br> Commercial rolled products output: 9.95 mln. tonnes (2013)</p>

Indicative annual sales turnover:
<p>Sales revenue: 212.8 billion rubles (2013)</p>

Indicative annual capacity:

  • Production capacity of Cherepovets Iron & Steel Mill is around 11.6 mln. tonnes of steel annually.


Cherepovets Steel Mill produces a wide assortment of flat and long-rolled products, including hot and cold-rolled flat products, galvanised and colour coated products and long-steel applications.

Who buys products:
Key consumers include major Russian companies manufacturing pipes and machinery, as well as those in automotive and construction industries.

Other key information

The geographic location of Cherepovets is exceptionally favorable. The city is situated at the crossroads of three economic regions - European North, North-West and Central Russia. Saint Petersburg-Yekaterinburg railway and Volga-Baltic waterway form a major transport junction.

Post address

30 Mira Street,
Vologda Region, Череповец,
Russia, 162600

Phone: +7 (8202) 53 09 00
Fax: +7 (8202) 53 09 15

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