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From year 2007, Severstal Steel Solutions operates in the field of buildings and installations design and construction on the basis of steel structures. The company has a rich history of cooperation with both national authorities, and private investment entities. All materials required for steel structures are manufactured at Severstal's enterprises in Russia. They go through the full process cycle from primary stage of ore mining to production of rolled steel sections. Severstal Steel Solutions manufactures steel products at its own facilities in Orel city, Severstal SSC-Kolpino in St. Petersburg, and Severstal TPZ Sheksna in Vologda Region.

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General information

Cherepovets, Vologda Region, Russia


Wholly owned subsidiary of PAO Severstal


Metallic structures (mostly, steel structures) are used as the main construction elements in frameworks of buildings and other designed structures in large-span shells, walls and roof paneling.

Light steel structures is a special engineering and construction technique on the basis of a steel framework with thermoprofiles serving as bearing members, cold insulators and general purpose profiles.


Manufacture of steel structures:

Severstal Steel Solutions manufactures steel products at the facilities in Orel, Severstal SSC-Kolpino (St. Petersburg) and Severstal TPZ Sheksna (Vologda Region) which advanced equipment capabilities ensure production of high-quality goods.

Designing services (including general designing):

Severstal Steel Solutions exercises designing functions by employing its internal designing office, as well as designing companies within Severstal: ОАО PII Promlesproject, ООО Severstal-Project and ООО SPb-Giproshaht.

Construction services:

Severstal Steel Solutions may function as the general designer, being open to outsourcing of local installation contractors for the purposes of the construction project.

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30, Mira str.,
Cherepovets, Vologda Region, Russia, 162608

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