Severstal Tyazhmash

SSM-Tyazhmash is a manufacturing enterprise with a complete production cycle, from high-capacity blank-production workshops (such as foundry, press and hardware shops) to mechanoprocessing ones. It has substantial capabilities and experience in manufacturing equipment for metallurgy, mining, timber and chemical industries.

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General information

Cherepovets, Vologda region, Russia

July 2002

Subsidiary of PAO Severstal


Indicative annual output:
<ul> <li>Mechanical Equipment - Fabrication and Repairs: 27 609 tons</li> <li>Castings: 14 782 tons</li> <li>Metalwork: 3 376 tons</li> <li>Iron powder: 5 964 tons</li> <li>Forgings and stampings: 4 656 tons</li> <li>Packing materials: 11 107 tons</li> </ul>

Indicative annual sales turnover:
<ul> <li>Mechanical equipment - fabrication and repairs: $2 218 million</li> <li>Castings: $365 million</li> <li>Metalwork: $225 million</li> <li>Iron powder: $208 million</li> <li>Forgings and stampings: $205 million</li> <li>Packing materials: $442 million</li> <li>Others: $165 million</li> </ul>

Other key information

The plant processes commodities and materials supplied by Cherepovets Steel Mill and manufactures spare parts and equipment for the mill itself, as well as for Domnaremont, Stoik, Electroremont, Energoremont and Metiz.

Post address

30 Mira Street,
Vologda region, Череповец,
Russia, 162600

Phone: +7 (8202) 56-55-47
Fax: +7 (8202) 56-53-52

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