Yakovlevsky GOK

Yakovlevsky Mining and Processing plant carries out the development of Yakovlev Deposit Kursk magnetic anomaly.

The reserves of the deposit are unique, amounting to more than 9 billion tons of iron-rich ore. Since 2017, the Company has been managed by one of the largest mining and metallurgical companies in the world - Severstal. The Cherepovets steel mill, Severstal’s flagship steel plant, is a key customer of Yakovlevsky GOK.

Yakovlevsky GOK is currently implementing an ambitious development strategy: by 2023, the Company plans to increase its production five times, bringing its total production capacity to 5 million tons of ore per year.

The new development strategy of Yakovlevskiy GOK assumes a five-fold increase in production. From 2017 to 2023, the plant will increase its ore production volumes from 878 thousand to 5 million tons per year. Severstal will allocate more than 20 billion rubles towards achieving this goal. Employee numbers will double to 2,500.

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General information

Russia, Belgorod region

On March 23, 1997, a team led by Yuri Popov recovered the first ore from the mountain. This date is considered to be the birth date of the enterprise.

Under Severstal management since 2017.


Over 9 billion tons of iron ore.


  • Yakovlevsky ore is unique in its high iron content (60-62%).

Post address

Yakovlevo village, 632 km highway M-2 Territory, Building 1,
Belgorod region / Yakovlevsky district, Russian Federation, 309076

Phone: +7 (47244)-6-80-47
Fax: +7 (47244)-6-80-43

Web site: yagok.severstal.com