Our partners

Partnership is one of the guiding principles of our CSR activities. We are open to dialogue and welcome unbiased, constructive judgment as a means of increasing our CSR effectiveness.

Our partners play an invaluable role in this process.


The Board of Directors of  Severstal plays a core role in the elaboration of strategy and control of shareholder decisions. Members of the board visit the Company's worldwide businesses on a regular basis.


Employees are involved in resolving key issues of social development and industrial safety through a system of collective agreements with labour unions and health care committees. 

Business partners

We build long-term strategic relationships with our suppliers and consumers. Working with key customers, special committees, steering groups and advisory councils, we strive to better satisfy customer demands.


We are strongly committed to our legal obligations as established by the state. We shape efficient partnerships with government authorities in order to resolve regional development issues within the framework of social and economic partnership agreements and special-purpose programmes.


We participate in initiatives launched by Russian and international business associations focused on improving professional and ethical corporate standards including.

Non-profit organisations; members of local communities

We collaborate with non-profit organisations by supporting projects in the areas of environmental safety and development of healthcare, culture and sports.