We strive to create conditions for realising the creative potential of our employees and shape a corporate culture based on professionalism, private initiative and responsibility. Skilled personnel focused on corporate and personal success are a key factor to our long-term, sustainable development.

Areas of activity in the social sphere include employee rehabilitation, support for mothers and children, catering and recreation for workers, social support for retirees and veterans, employee development and training, incentives for employee improvement and many other kinds of benefits and insurance.


The company is working on a package of programs for training highly qualified experts for its talent pool. The Young Resources programme includes a range of initiatives focused on developing young people’s interest in engineering and the mineral resource industry. The programme is intended for students in comprehensive schools, training colleges, technical schools and specialised Institutions of Higher Education.

Young Resources is available in most of our mining Division’s operating regions and is building a continuous system of education, professional development and motivation for young professionals by offering:

  • Specialised classes in secondary schools
  • Payment of student scholarships
  • Collaboration with Institutions of Higher Education
  • New employee support

Based on the results of the First Rating of Business Partners of Russian Higher Educational Institutions, we were commended in nominations for The Best Practice of Vocational Adjustment of Students of Higher Educational Institutions, The Largest Contribution to the Support of Gifted Students and Young Teachers, and The Largest Youth Employer.

Medical programmes

Employee health is one of our primary social policy objectives. The Severstal Health programme was implemented at Cherepovets in 2002.

The main objectives of the programme are as follows:

  • Improve the availability and quality of medical care;
  • Strengthen the first line of healthcare;
  • Create conditions for efficient medical care at the pre-hospital stage;
  • Prevent disease;
  • Provide high-tech, state-of-the-art medical care.

Severstal's medical unit has 51 attendance stations operating on site. The medical unit includes polyclinics, an in-patient clinic and a maternity hospital with prenatal clinic. The programme has created an efficient system for preserving and recovering employee health based on regular medical screening.

Every year Severstal spends about $0.5 million on the corporate program “Severstal’s Health”. As part of the program, last year in Cherepovets more than 34 000 professional medical check-ups were conducted; a plan to improve labor conditions and the treatment-diagnostic process was implemented to decrease the incidence of disease among employees. Initiatives on the material base and technical equipment of Severstal’s Medical Unit were carried out.

In Cherepovets more than $2.5 million is spent on preserving and recovering our employees’ health annually. These funds allowed more than 6 000 employees and their children to receive preventative procedures in health resorts and camps.

Housing programmes

Severstal strives to help its employees secure adequate accommodations. Severstal implements Corporate Housing Program to build apartments for employees, who have strongly contributed to the company’s success. The first phase of the program in Cherepovets was implemented in 2005-2011. During this period, 26 apartment blocks were built to house 2 550 families. Our employees in St. Petersburg (Kolpino) are entitled to buy out their corporate apartments, with either zerointerest 7-year financing or a discount (15%) on a cash deal.

Pension plans and retiree support

Pension coverage is a major component of social policy at Severstal. Pension plans are an important factor in encouraging a positive social climate and the realisation of employee potential. The corporate charitable foundation Blago provides financial assistance, medical, social and special-purpose charitable services and social security programmes for retirees of  Severstal.