Audit and Assurance Policy

Consultation on its draft Audit and Assurance Policy

Severstal’s Audit Committee has launched a consultation process with investors and stakeholders on its draft Audit and Assurance Policy. This governance initiative implements a recommendation of Sir Donald Brydon who issued a report in December 2019 into the quality and effectiveness of audit.

At the same time the Board of Severstal has published its Risk Report and its view of Severstal’s Material Matters which are usually published as part of its Annual Report. This provides investors and stakeholders the opportunity  to be informed about the directors’ current assessment of Severstal’s principal risks and material matters, before the Audit Committee endorses the audit and assurance plan.

The introduction to the consultation on the Audit and Assurance Policy by Alun Bowen, the Chair of Severstal’s Audit Committee, is set out at Introduction to consultation and the Risk Report and the report on Severstal’s material matters are set out at Risk Report and Severstal's Material Matters respectively.

We invite our stakeholders to send their feedback and suggestions to


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