Restoration works at the Severnaya mine

On 6 March 2016, the mine accident emergency works command staff has taken a final decision on handling the underground fire in the mine via flooding it with water. Flooding started the same day.

The operation will take approximately 60 to 80 days. Once completed, water will be pumped out of the mine. Engineers are identifying the most efficient way of pumping out water from the mine following the flooding.

The mine might be reopened in due course. However, the timeframe is unclear at the moment. The Company will provide further updates as soon as the information becomes available.

While mining operations at Severnaya remain suspended, all the other Vorkutaugol's four mines and one open pit operate as business as usual.

In 2015, the Severnaya coal mine produced approximately 1.5 million tonnes of 2Zh grade coking coal concentrate, which is approximately 27% of Vorkutaugol’s overall production of coking coal concentrate in 2015 (5.6 million tonnes).