Financing environmental protection initiatives (billion roubles)
2018 Highlights
billion roubles
Severstal invested in environmental initiatives
Severstal reduced its specific atmospheric emissions of pollutants by 6% in comparison to 2017
98.33% of the overall water intake at Cherepovets Steel Mill is recycled water
Waste disposal at Severstal Russian Steel reduced by 28%

2018-2025 Environmental Improvement Objectives

  • By 2025, reduce the weight of discharged wastewater pollutants1 into water bodies (above wastewater discharge limit value2) by 12%*.
  • By 2025, reduce the weight of waste disposed3 of by 20%**.
  • By 2025, reduce total atmospheric emission of pollutants4 by 7%***.

* PAO Severstal Cherepovets production site compared with the weight of discharged pollutants in 2017

** Divisions Severstal Russian Steel and Severstal Resources compared with the weight of waste disposed of in 2017

*** Divisions Severstal Russian Steel and Severstal Resources compared with 2017

[1] Ammonium cation, nitrites, manganese, copper, nickel, sulfates, fluorides, zinc, oil products, iron

[2]  Wastewater discharge limit value (NDS) is a mass of a substance in wastewater maximum allowable for discharge, with a view to assuring water quality at a test point as determined by the Federal Law of the Russian Federation No. 7-FZ on environmental protection of January 10, 2002

[3] Except heavy waste of Severstal Resources (overburden, tailings, limestone screenings)

[4] Dust/particulate matter, nitrous oxides, sulphur dioxide, carbon monoxide, other

Environmental protection activities implemented in 2018

  • Cherepovets Steel Mill

    • Completion of the rehabilitation of steelmaking furnaces of SSM Tyazhmash with gas filtering system upgrades
    • Renovation of blast furnace slag treatment line – commissioning
    • Preliminary planning of construction of the secondary wastewater treatment system for outlet 3
    • Modernisation of Rybinsk Reservoir biological waste water treatment facility
    • Development of project documentation for a new industrial landfill for Cherepovets Steel Mill
  • Severstal Distribution

    • Launch of Treatment Station 2 after renovation
  • Severstal Metiz

    • Renovation of Unit 7 at Steel Wire Plant 2 (replacement of pickling bath with an overflow type) to reduce atmospheric emissions of sulphuric acid vapour
    • Production technology changes underway
  • Vorkutaugol

    • Improvement of the efficiency of existing treatment systems at Vorkutinskaya and Zapolyarnaya mines
    • Continued rehabilitation of Yunyaginsky pit
  • Olcon

    • Application of dust suppressant to tailing pond surfaces along with biological rehabilitation
    • Completion of installation of new sludge pipes and water conduits to eliminate wastewater discharge in water bodies
  • Karelsky Okatysh

    • Implement the programme for reduction of atmospheric sulphur dioxide emissions
    • Develop technical solutions for tailing maintenance overhaul (new stocking method)
    • Selection of best possible reagents for the tailing pond. Improve the quality of treated water used in technology processes
    • Completion of a pyrolytic waste treatment station. Partial decontamination and utilisation of Class 3-4 hazardous waste (use of waste in production)
    • Full decontamination of Class 3–4 hazardous waste

Videos on environmental activities