February 13, 2017

Severstal appoints new Chief Digital Officer

Igor Bardintsev has been appointed as Severstal’s Chief digital officer (CDO). As a CDO he will be responsible for the development and implementation of the company’s digital strategy and aligning the company’s digital systems using best practice to improve Severstal’s competitive advantage in this field.

Alexey Kulichenko, Chief Financial Officer, said:

“We have realized there is a much greater demand for digitalized systems that can operate alongside technology and process large amounts of data in all areas from production, repair and technology to finalizing purchases and sales. There are already so many examples of successful projects in this field and we are confident that we are able to develop these systems within the company in order to increase efficiency. Igor’s experience will be very beneficial to Severstal and I am excited to see our progress in this new promising direction”.

Igor Bardintsev graduated from the Moscow Institute of international economics with a degree in International Economics and a master’s degree in Management in the Academy of National Economy. Prior to joining Severstal he worked at Sberbank from 2010 till 2017. He was Senior Managing Director of Sberbank’s data application centre where he was responsible for project management aimed at data monetization. He has also held positions at KS, Uralsib Capital and Vympel-Communication.