December 10, 2018

Vorkutaugol wins international environmental award

AO Vorkutaugol, one of the largest coal mining companies in Russia and a subsidiary of PAO Severstal, has won a First Class Diploma in the "Ecology and Human Health" category of the EcoWorld international environmental award.

Enterprises and representatives from the scientific communities of 16 countries participated in this year’s competition. Vorkutaugol was awarded the First Class Diploma for its work in implementing programmes to reduce the impact of coal production upon the environment.

Vorkuta coal miners submitted environmental projects in three categories: water, air and resource efficiency. In particular, these included the methane gas recovery project at Vorkutaugol’s facilities, methods for the purification of industrial sites and rock waste disposal areas, environmental initiatives such as "River belt", "Let's make it cleaner!" and "Environmental Cup", as well as environmental demonstrations for young people.

Natalia Vishniauskene, Chief Ecologist at Vorkutaugol, commented:

"We consider protecting the environment at all stages of production to be no less important than facilitating safe and efficient coal mining. To this end, we are constantly improving, developing and implementing new environmental projects. This improves the quality of life of our employees and members of the local Vorkuta community, as well as distinguishing us from our competitors."

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EcoWorld awards publicly recognise companies for outstanding achievements in environmental protection and environmental safety, as well as in other environmental activities aimed at sustainable development in the 21st century. The awards are organized by the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences.