September 14, 2021

Linde Severstal has shipped the 3rd CWHE for Amurskiy GPP

On August 19, 2021, Linde Severstal, a joint venture between Severstal and Linde, shipped the final coil wound heat exchanger (CWHE) for the Amurskiy Gas Processing Plant (AGPP). The first two CWHEs were shipped in 2018 and 2019.

CWHEs are used in helium production at the units for extraction, liquefaction and filling of this valuable gas at the AGPP. They are required for heat recovery from the nitrogen-helium mixture. The first of the three CWHEs are already in operation. Each has a capacity of 20 million tons of helium per year.

The heat exchangers for the AGPP were the first products to result from Linde’s localization in Russia. All technical stages, including the winding of tubes, final assembly of the CWHE and the testing of finished products, were completed with domestic companies at the production site in St. Petersburg. During the process of manufacture of the CWHEs, the company procured an increasing share of locally produced parts. All of the main equipment components (tubes, mandrel, shell) for the manufacture of the second and third CWHEs were produced in Russia.

Each CWHE is unique and designed specifically for the customer's process needs, including specific thermal and hydraulic characteristics. The materials are selected to meet a range of operating temperatures and corrosion resistance requirements. The CWHEs for the Amurskiy GPP (hydrogen reactor preheaters) are designed for preheating and subsequent cooling of a nitrogen-helium mixture and are one of the main components of the technological chain of helium production. The CWHEs weigh 52.4 tons, the shell diameter is 1.8 m, the length is 15.77 m, the thermal capacity is 8.5 MW, the bundle consists of 480 tubes.

Dmitry Goroshkov, Severstal's Director for Sales and Business Development, Energy Sector, commented:

"Severstal’s participation in the project is an example of the Company’s new positioning as a supplier of integrated solutions tailored to meet customer requirements. The Company is able to provide a wide range of services including the production and supply of metal products manufactured by Severstal’s assets. Linde Severstal’s heat exchange equipment forms the basis for Severstal’s unique proposition for the construction of LNG plants".

Notes to editors:

Linde Severstal JV was established in June 2017. In 2019, Severstal bought a 26 percent stake in the joint venture with Linde (Germany) and increased it to 50 percent in the summer of 2020. Linde Severstal produces coil-wound heat exchangers, which are the key equipment in natural gas liquefaction and processing plants. Today, Linde Severstal is the first and the only enterprise in Russia to produce this heat exchanging equipment.