Outsourcing proposals

Being one of the global largest steel companies, PAO Severstal has been taking a lot of efforts over the years in improving its performance and establishing cooperation with small- and medium size companies.

We outsource specialized companies in such a way that their successful technologies and know-how presented in the market would be used to maximize benefits, improve performance and competitiveness of the company.  

On principles of outsourcing we are ready to transfer those non-core business processes, which will be developed by contractors on a long-term basis (up to 10 year contractual relations) by engaging state-of-the-art innovative technologies, outward investments and participation of highly skilled specialists in partnership with PAO Severstal.

Outsourcing has been rapidly growing at Severstal today. It covers various processes from building housekeeping to finished products packaging. We intend to proceed with our efforts in this area.

Updated Statements of Work with description of our non-core processes, feedback questionnaire form and timing for submitting your quotations are available at section “List of offers”. For any technical details, you can contact our contacts specified in “Contact information” section in Statements of Work.


Please let us know if you are interested in participation by sending your e-mail at sourcing@severstal.com Your e-mail must be supported by filled-in feedback questionnaire form.       


We shall provide our feedback on results within two weeks upon expiry of application receipt period. After assessment of the information provided, you will be invited to participate in technical audit at our site and to discuss further details of solutions suggested.  

Upon technical audit completion, you will be suggested to prepare a commercial quotation based on jointly developed technical solutions approved by us.

Should you have any other ideas and capabilities, we are ready to consider them too. Please submit you proposals in any free form at sourcing@severstal.com and specify the subject as “Outsourcing proposals”.