General conditions of SRM use

Hereby please be informed that for the purpose of internal control of prices applied during purchasing of goods, works and services, the information on  quotations from suppliers of goods, works and services offered to Severstal group company are stored in SRM system at:

 The access to the mentioned information is restricted (available only  for officials of Severstal group company and the respective supplier of goods, works and services who provided a quotation after self-registration in the system.)

Information on quotation can be entered into the system either by the supplier itself after self-registrationin the system, or by an official of  Severstal group company (in case of no registration by supplier). As soon as quotation is registered in the system, the notification on its registration is  sent by e-mail to the supplier who submitted the quotation.

Please note that quotation registration in SRM system is not an acceptance of the quotation and does not result in any obligations both for the supplier and for Severstal group company regarding entering into a supply contract and/or supply of any goods, works or services in accordance with quotation terms and conditions.