Preservation of biodiversity means preservation of life

Comprehensive Environmental Footprint Reduction Programmes.

We strive to prevent and minimise our environmental footprint, improve wastewater quality and monitor biodiversity, while ensuring compliance with the requirements of Russian environmental law and meeting international environmental standards at the highest level.

The new Biodiversity Monitoring and Protection standard applies across all our business units helping us manage the biodiversity risks associated with our operations and the use of our production facilities. The standard establishes the rules for the design of biodiversity protection and monitoring programs in our regions. The core principle of the standard is to prevent, reduce, compensate, and rehabilitate.

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  1. Our businesses operate in environmentally sensitive areas, including protected areas, Ramsarsky Grounds, and World Heritage sites.
  2. Severstal has a corporate biodiversity standard in place
  3. Our operations do not impact indigenous peoples anywhere we work.
Protected area boundaries
UNESCO World Heritage Sites
Cultural Heritage Sites
Biodiversity photo report
Our partners
Darwin State Natural Biosphere Reserve

We signed a cooperation agreement with the reserve in 2019. The following projects are underway:

  • Research of rare birds of prey in Russia, including ospreys and white-tailed eagles
  • Getting equipment and setting up the infrastructure for research and environmental tourism
  • Support and preservation of regional biodiversity
  • Field research of bird species nesting at Severstal
We invest significant effort and funds in environmental education as well as promotion of humane and caring attitude towards nature in the region. We are proud of our commitment to environmental protection and research projects in our regions as a part of our general environmental protection strategy. Our collaboration with Darwin Reserve on the research of birds and protection of rare eagle species is a great example of how our we recognize our responsibility for the preservation of unique natural areas and vulnerable species for future generations.
Miroslav Vyacheslavovich Babushkin
Candidate of biological sciences, Associate Director of Research, Darwin State Natural Reserve, Member of Aquatic Mammals Council
Papanin Institute of the Biology of Inland Waters

Severstal and Papanin Institute collaborate on the evaluation and monitoring of water body biodiversity near wastewater outlets of Cherepovets Steel Mill.

Severstal and Papanin Institute of the Biology of Inland Waters have been working together for many years and keep developing our partnership. Increased monitoring is key to the environmental research of natural habitats. We set ambitious goals with the understanding that the evaluation of biodiversity does not stop at enumerating all the different species, but also includes measuring the key quantitative characteristics of the core species defining the aquatic communities. It is important to continue this research in future to assess the biodiversity of Koshta River.
Aleksandr Vitalievich Krylov
Director, Papanin Institute of the Biology of Inland Waters
Kostomuksha State Natural Reserve

We signed a cooperation agreement with the reserve in 2019. The following projects are underway:

  • Development of Metsola Biosphere Reserve
  • Preservation of regional natural and cultural heritage
  • Development of a framework for environmentally friendly, sustainable use of natural resources
  • Development of partnerships on environmental monitoring with universities and research institutions
  • Development and execution of business plans for biosphere reserves and similar projects
We have a cooperation agreement in place focused on preserving unique Karelian culture and ways of life and developing Kostomuksha municipal area. We keep working together to ensure sustainable development of this region while maintaining its unique beauty.
Sergei Tarkhov
Director, Kostomuksha Natural Reserve and Kalevalsky National Park
WWF – World Wildlife Foundation

We cooperate with WWF on any items on its agenda and participate in its business transparency ratings.

Every year, WWF Russia publishes mining and steelmaking transparency rating that helps understand and compare the levels of environmental commitment of Russian businesses, as well as their environmental footprint, including biodiversity. The rating also helps visualise the overall trends in the industry. Severstal participates in the rating every year and consistently ranks in the Top 10. We received a special award for our achievements in the protection of biodiversity in recognition of our performance in 2019.