2019 Highlights
LTIFR across Severstal reduced to 0.95
billion roubles
Invested in occupational health and safety initiatives
Severstal’s average headcount
Employee engagement across Severstal (increased 3% from 78% in 2018)
Of training undertook employees undertook in average
billion roubles
Social and Charitable Investments

Severstal’s social activities cover the following main areas:

Social Activities Implemented in 2018

  • Health and Safety

    • A positive trend in APS audits reached
    • Ensured 100% reach of our corporate knowledge assessment and training system among line managers— at least 3,700 people and extend these practices to suppliers
    • Severstal Russian Steel: rolled out corporate certification of contractors
    • Severstal Russian Steel: increased engagement of OHS coordinators
    • Vorkutaugol: installed Strata comprehensive safety system (air and gas monitoring, dust and gas explosion protection, miner location, etc.)
  • Human Resources

    • Completed specified mandatory Top 100–4000 management training programmes per schedule. Design and a launch of a support programme for the launch of Severstal’s new business strategy and new corporate culture, Achieve More Together 2.0
    • Completed the Efficient Department Management Programme
    • Researched and deployed new training formats and forms: simulators, video training courses, complex skill development simulators, training bot
    • Supportted further development of marketing and sales professionals: develop a training catalogue for online sales department, establish a new School of Experienced Sales Managers programme
    • Continued HR development: design and launch the new HR Academy development programme. Continue the Best Practices webinar series
    • Support for Severstal’s innovative culture through the development of competence models for the Technical Development Centre and other functions / employees involved in the innovations process
    • Support, training and development of Top 100–4,000 managers in Vorkutaugol, Karelsky Okatysh and Olcon business units
    • Training Yakovlevskiy Mine managers and employees in the basics of Severstal’s corporate culture and work standards
    • Development and pilot launch of support systems for high potential employees
    • Deployment of new feedback format across the whole company (360 Degrees, Quick Feedback)

Videos on Social Activities