2020 Highlights
LTIFR across Severstal
billion roubles
Invested in occupational health and safety initiatives
Severstal’s average headcount
Of training undertook employees undertook in average
billion roubles
Social and Charitable Investments

Severstal’s social activities cover the following main areas:

Social Activities

  • Health and Safety

    • A positive trend in APS audits reached
    • Ensured 100% reach of our corporate knowledge assessment and training system among line managers— at least 3,700 people and extend these practices to suppliers
    • Severstal Russian Steel: rolled out corporate certification of contractors
    • Severstal Russian Steel: increased engagement of OHS coordinators
    • Vorkutaugol: installed Strata comprehensive safety system (air and gas monitoring, dust and gas explosion protection, miner location, etc.)
  • Human Resources

    • Completed specified mandatory Top 100–4000 management training programmes per schedule. Design and a launch of a support programme for the launch of Severstal’s new business strategy and new corporate culture, Achieve More Together 2.0
    • Completed the Efficient Department Management Programme
    • Researched and deployed new training formats and forms: simulators, video training courses, complex skill development simulators, training bot
    • Supportted further development of marketing and sales professionals: develop a training catalogue for online sales department, establish a new School of Experienced Sales Managers programme
    • Continued HR development: design and launch the new HR Academy development programme. Continue the Best Practices webinar series
    • Support for Severstal’s innovative culture through the development of competence models for the Technical Development Centre and other functions / employees involved in the innovations process
    • Support, training and development of Top 100–4,000 managers in Vorkutaugol, Karelsky Okatysh and Olcon business units
    • Training Yakovlevskiy Mine managers and employees in the basics of Severstal’s corporate culture and work standards
    • Development and pilot launch of support systems for high potential employees
    • Deployment of new feedback format across the whole company (360 Degrees, Quick Feedback)

Videos on Social Activities