Social and Charitable Investments, billion roubles
Sustainability Report

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Severstal is committed to fostering a favourable social environment in the regions of our operations as a part of our long-term development strategy. We contribute towards the sustainable development of these regions by creating new jobs, paying taxes and improving the quality of life of our employees and their families. In addition, we invest significantly in the social infrastructure of cities where our assets are located.

Contribution to the Sustainable Development of Severstal’s Regions
Successful efforts by Severstal and its local partners has a huge impact on the social and economic environment in our regions. All Severstal subsidiaries are members of a consolidated taxpayer group, which pays regular pays taxes.

In 2020, Severstal Russian Steel and Severstal Resources divisions paid approximately 46.5 billion roubles in various budgets and extrabudgetary funds, including the following:

  • Taxes – approximately 30.3 billion roubles
  • Mandatory non-tax payments – approximately 341 million roubles
  • Payments to extrabudgetary funds – approximately 15.9 billion roubles

Key areas of external social investments:

  • Development of Severstal’s regions
  • Children and the future
  • Culture and art
  • Education
  • Sports

Key projects and organizations supported by Severstal

  • Development of Regional Potential
    • Comprehensive support services for small and medium businesses and social entrepreneurs: Agency for Urban Development Non-Profit Partnership (since 1999).
    • Cherepovets Investment Agency Non-Profit Organisation (since 2010).
    • Metallurgical industry center (since 2015).
  • Children and the future
    • Maternity and childhood: Way Home Charitable Foundation (since 2005).
    • Style of Steel children's arts competition (since 2010).
    • The Quantorium children's technopark (since 2017, Cherepovets).
  • Support for vulnerable communities
    • Blago Charitable Foundation (since 1999).
    • I. A. Milyutin Charitable Foundation (since 1999).
    • Zabota Integrated Social Services Centre (since 2012, Cherepovets).
    • Special events for low income families and families with many children on First-Grader Day and Mother's Day jointly organised with the Centre for Social Support of Families and Children (Vorkuta).
    • Nadezhda social support centre for children (Vorkuta).
    • Rehabilitation centre for children with mental and physical handicaps (Vorkuta).
    • Integrated Social Services Centre (Olenegorsk).
    • New Year events and presents for disabled children, low income families, families with many children and seniors living alone (Cherepovets, Olenegorsk, Vorkuta, Kostomuksha, Balakovo).
    • Participation in the organisation of Pure Bread Heart charitable event for an animal shelter (Kostomuksha).
    • Participation in the organisation of the Giving Tuesday national charitable initiative (Cherepovets, Olenegorsk, Vorkuta, Kostomuksha).
    • Support for schools and preschools (Kostomuksha).
    • Support for non-governmental organisations including the War Veteran Union, the Non-Working Retiree Union, and Kostomuksha Association of People with Disabilities.
    • Support for the Rehabilitation Centre for Children and Youth with Disabilities, and the Foster Centre for Abandoned Children (Kostomuksha).
  • Culture and Art
    • Bolshoi Theatre (since 2001, Moscow)
    • Mariinsky Theatre and Gergiev Moscow Easter Festival (since 2003, St. Petersburg, Moscow and festival regions)
    • Tretyakov State Gallery (since 2003, Moscow)
    • Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts (since 2013, Moscow)
    • The Russian Museum (since 2004, St. Petersburg)
    • The State Historical Museum (since 2013, Moscow)
    • Golden Mask Theatre Festival (since 2010, Moscow, Riga, Liepāja, Ventspils, Cherepovets, Petrozavodsk, Kostomuksha)
    • Museums of Russian North (since 2007, Northwestern Russia)
    • Sergey Andriyaka Watercolour and Fine Arts Academy (since 2003, Moscow)
    • Cherepovets Museum Association (Cherepovets)
    • Jewish Museum and Tolerance Centre (Moscow)
    • Moscow Synodal Choir (Moscow)
    • Prix Benois de la Danse international ballet festival (Moscow)
    • Vologda Museum and Reserve and its branch in Semenkovo (Vologda and Vologda Oblast)
    • Museum of Dionisy Frescoes of Kirillo-Belozersky Museum Reserve (Ferapontovo, Kirillovsky District)
    • Vremya Kolokolchikov Rock Festival (Cherepovets)
    • Regional Military Song Festival (Olenegorsk)
    • Wider Circle Children’s Art Festival (Olenegorsk)
    • Morozko New Year’s Fairy Tale Festival (Olenegorsk)
    • North Star Culture and Entertainment Centre (Olenegorsk)
    • Municipal Museum and Exhibition Centre (Vorkuta)
    • Miners’ Palace of Culture (Vorkuta)
    • Municipal Children’s Arts School (Vorkuta)
    • Total Dictation educational event (Vorkuta)
    • International Art Festival (Kostomuksha)
    • Spring Rhythms Dance Festival (Kostomuksha)
    • Kanteletar International Folklore Festival (Kostomuksha)
  • Sports
    • Severstal Hockey Club (Cherepovets)
    • Almaz Hockey Club (Cherepovets)
    • Children’s Hockey School (Cherepovets)
    • Women's Volleyball Club Dynamo (Moscow)
    • Get Out Sports Festival hosted on nine ice rinks (Cherepovets)
    • Ways of Metsola ski race in Kostomuksha Natural Reserve
    • Vorkutaugol Chief Executive’s Hockey Cup (Vorkuta)
    • Igor Sheptenko Minifootball Memorial (Vorkuta)
    • Olympus Children’s Hockey Club (Vorkuta)
    • Vorkutaugol Children’s Football Club (Vorkuta)
    • Shakhter Children’s Volleyball Club (Vorkuta)
    • Annual Towards Victories Corporate Spartakiad (Vorkuta)
    • Mom, Dad and I Sports Festival (Vorkuta)
    • Youth Cross Country Ski Race (Vorkuta)
    • Yury Foka Table Tennis Memorial (Kostomuksha)
    • Northwestern Federal District Boxing Championship (Kostomuksha)
    • Steel Bear Race (Kostomuksha)
    • Russia’s Nationwide GTO Fitness Standard (Kostomuksha)
    • Karelsky Okatysh Karelia Power Lifting and Bench Press Championship
    • Live Steel Multisport Competition (Kostomuksha)
    • Annual open Tourism Festival (Kostomuksha)
    • Biathlon Kos Sport Club (Kostomuksha)
    • Spartakiad in nine sports, Open Volleyball Tournament for the COO Cup, and open family sports events (Olenegorsk)
    • Three Mountains Enduro Race (Olenegorsk)
    • Traditional North celebration. Speed skating tournament in Olenegorsk
    • Children’s hockey tournament (Olenegorsk)
    • Corporate sports contests in our regions
    • Belgorod Kickboxing Memorial to commemorate Belgorod athletes fallen in the line of duty
    • Corporate Spartakiad of Karelsky Okatysh and contractors (16 sports).
Agency for Urban Development

In 1999, together with municipal authorities, Severstal established the Agency for Urban Development non-profit partnership in Cherepovets. The Agency offers comprehensive support to new and existing entrepreneurs at all stages – from the inception of a business idea to its implementation. Over the last twenty years, Severstal has helped to create 2500 new small and medium businesses in Cherepovets, leading to 10000 new jobs.

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Way Home Programme

In 2006, we launched the Way Home programme to support children in care and prevent juvenile delinquency in Cherepovets. The programme is financed through the Way Home Charitable Foundation and uses private and public funds and community effort to address an important social issue. The programme also includes individual projects in our other locations. Social technologies employed in the programme demonstrated their efficiency and showed that supporting disadvantaged families helps children to stay with their birth families and improves the chances of finding responsible foster parents.

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Metallurgical Industry Museum

The Metallurgy Industry Museum, which opened in 2015, is ideologically and financially supported by Severstal and is devoted to history and present days of metallurgy. The museum is highly interactive and includes unique metallurgy displays. Various quest games and workshops take place at the museum, which also hosts career guidance programmes for children of all ages.

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Industrial Tourism Development

In 2019, the Company opened a viewing area at the Cherepovets Steel Mill. Industrial tours are a new way to understand the steelmaking process as part of an excursion to the hot-rolling mill 2000. On reaching the viewing gallery, fully equipped according to all the safety requirements, participants are able to acquaint themselves with one of the stages of the industrial process.

Museums of Russian North

Museums of the Russian North is a major cultural programme, led by Severstal, to support the development of museums in northern Russia. This programme is a funding competition, aimed at identifying and supporting the best projects targeting the revival of regional museums, the development of partnerships between museums and other cultural institutions, and developing new museum activities.

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Style of Steel

Since 2010, Severstal has organised Style of Steel, an art competition for the schoolchildren of Cherepovets.

More than a hundred participants join the competition every year, create art projects and take part in workshops and specialized events.

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Golden Mask Theatre Festival

Severstal has sponsored Golden Mask, Russia’s largest theatre festival, featuring the most prominent Russian performances, for many years.

Our support offers the residents of Cherepovets, Kostomuksha, Petrozavodsk, Riga and several other Latvian cities the opportunity to enjoy the best Russian theatre performances. In Cherepovets alone, approximately 20 thousand residents were able to attend Russia’s most prominent theatre performances.

Corporate Volunteering

We believe corporate volunteering is an important aspect of personal development, which helps individuals to recognise their own value in society. Severstal offers its employees a variety of opportunities to participate in corporate charitable programmes and develop useful social skills while building relationships with peers and like-minded people. Our programme includes training workshops with internal and external experts and we design and run charitable initiatives, raffles, Christmas fairs, auctions, marathons, master classes and other events.

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