Health and Safety

Invested in occupational health and safety initiatives, billion roubles
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In line with Severstal’s Health and Safety Policy, signed by Alexander Shevelev, CEO of Severstal, health and safety is a key priority throughout the Company’s production processes: from the mining of coal and ore, coke production and pig iron and steel smelting, to the final output of our industry-leading metal products.

We strive to achieve a zero fatality rate. To achieve this goal, we implement international best practices and working methodologies to ensure safe behaviour, improve our employee safety training and motivate our employees to never ignore any violation of safe working practices. Our goal is to become the best company in Russia in terms of key safety performance indicators and we involve not only our employees and managers at all levels, but also employees of our contractors who work on-site in Severstal in our work to achieve this.

2018-2025 Health and Safety Objectives

  • By 2025, reduce LTIFR by 50% compared with 2017 and eliminate all work-related fatalities with our personnel1
  • By 2025, ensure all businesses achieve ISO 45001 certification

[1] Though the stated target of zero fatalities refers to our own staff, Severstal also requires all its business partners to respect the highest standards of health & safety and environmental sustainability in their work with our company. Please view the Code of Business Conduct of the Severstal Group of Companies.

Annual remuneration of executives, including CEO, consists of the following two parts: a fixed salary and a variable part known as a bonus. The bonus is based on performance against individual targets and the Company’s financial and operational KPIs among which there are safety results.

8 enterprises of Severstal are certified with OHSAS 18001 (Cherepovets Steel Mill, Karelsky Okatysh, Olcon,  Izhora Pipe Mill, Severstal-SMC–Vsevolozhsk, Severstal Distribution, SPB-Giproshakht, Severstal-Proekt) that covers c. 76% of employees.

Key areas of activity

Our occupational health and industrial safety training complies with the requirements of Russian federal laws and uses corporate methodologies and occupational safety tools. All our educational events are focused on promoting a culture of safe behaviours based on personal commitment, accountability and the active involvement of all Severstal employees in mitigating health and safety risks.

Identification, Analysis and Elimination of Safety Hazards
We work to mitigate safety hazards by analysing injury rates, including micro injuries, conducting surveys to identify hazardous operations, and utilising our industrial control system.
We have integrated Behavioural Safety Audits, Industrial Process Safety Audits and Problem-Solving Dashboards into our industrial control system. We use automated software to summarise audit results, log issues that were unresolved at foreman level, maintain a record of unsafe actions, as well as plan and track corrective actions.

Increasing Staff Involvement in Occupational Safety Matters
All Severstal’s businesses have employee feedback monitoring systems in place for safety matters. Information from different sources is stored in a central registry to ensure timely responses to newly-identified problems. All employees are able to review proposals, and managers can follow up on their implementation.

Supply Chain Responsibility
All on-site contractors are required to comply with Severstal’s safety requirements. In 2018 we organised occupational safety testing for 357 line managers of Cherepovets Steel Mill contractors; of those 152 managers received classroom training due to failing the result of their first test. In 2018 we introduced a voluntary corporate occupational safety certification for our contractors.

Social Activities

  • Health and Safety

    • A positive trend in APS audits reached
    • Ensured 100% reach of our corporate knowledge assessment and training system among line managers— at least 3,700 people and extend these practices to suppliers
    • Severstal Russian Steel: rolled out corporate certification of contractors
    • Severstal Russian Steel: increased engagement of OHS coordinators
    • Vorkutaugol: installed Strata comprehensive safety system (air and gas monitoring, dust and gas explosion protection, miner location, etc.)