Climate Change

Our Targets
By 2023, to reduce GHG emissions intensity by 3% compared with 2020
By 2025, to reduce the weight of discharged wastewater pollutants into water bodies
By 2025, to reduce the weight of waste disposed
By 2025, to reduce total atmospheric emission of pollutants
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Target to cut greenhouse gas (CO2) emissions:
By 2023, to reduce greenhouse gas emissions intensity by 3% compared with 2020*

"Severstal recognises the urgency for the steel industry to reduce its direct and indirect emissions and contribute towards the goals of the Paris Climate Agreement and is wholly committed to showing leadership in reducing its own climate contribution. For this reason, we continue to challenge ourselves to achieve more in this area.

The three-year GHG emissions intensity reduction target we have set is underpinned by detailed programmes and a roadmap of specific investment projects giving our stakeholders confidence that the 3% reduction is a near-term commitment rather than an abstract promise.

It is important to note that as a vertically-integrated company, we control and bear responsibility for emissions at every stage of our production chain — from the extraction of raw materials to the development of finished products."

Alexander Shevelev, CEO of Severstal


GHG emissions reduction is among the KPIs of some executives, including Head of Severstal Russian Steel business unit. Meeting the KPIs impacts a variable part of remuneration.


* Considering the in-plan realisation of our investment programme, including the scheduled shutdown for planned maintenance of Blast Furnance #5

Learn more on Severstal climate strategy in a video interview with Olga Kalashnikova, Head of Environment.